The Japan Dairy Council was established in August 1962 at the behest of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. In 1966, with the enactment of the Deficiency Payment Law, the Japan Dairy Council became a public service corporation. It is composed of prefectural-level associations, and overseen by national advisory organizations such as the Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives and *five other national federations of agricultural associations. The objectives of the Japan Dairy Council, as stated in its Articles of Association are:

"To promote the continued development of the Japanese dairy industry by strengthening sales, assuring stable supply, and rationalizing distribution through the Japanese agricultural cooperative system."

*Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations, National Federation of Dairy Cooperatives, National Federation of Settlers Cooperatives, The Central Cooperatives Bank for Agriculture and Forestry, and National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives.


The Japan Dairy Council undertakes a wide range of activities designed to assist Japanese dairy farmers in improving production, management, and distribution efficiency. These activities include:

Providing sales consulting and mediation services
Coordinating national production in conjunction with the prefectural-level associations and the Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations
Preparing supply forecasts
Providing advice on the treatment, production (including production commissioned to others), storage, and sale of raw milk
Disposing of dairy products commissioned by dairy producers
Promoting consumption of milk and other dairy products
Accumulating and disseminating data relevant to the Japanese dairy industry
Other activities in association with the above


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